Wedding Trend Report 2024

We’ve put together a list of wedding trends that are heating up for 2024. We’re seeing couples getting creative with their weddings and making them uniquely theirs. The traditional elements of a wedding are still present but we’re also seeing couples coming up with something different, unique, and of-the-moment about their wedding celebration.


Color is having a big moment in weddings, and they’re moving in bold new directions! Today’s weddings are more colorful than ever before. Couples are choosing vibrant hues and more adventurous palettes! They are also utilizing more patterns and prints. 

Pantone has recently revealed the color of the year for 2024 – Peach Fuzz! We’re very excited about this color as peach has always been a big favorite of ours.

Unique Wedding Venues

Couples are looking for unique venues to host their wedding ceremonies and receptions. Historic properties, gardens, and even backyard weddings are gaining popularity. They want something that no one else has done before and they want to do it in style.

Smaller Weddings

Couples are opting for smaller guest counts to create a more intimate and personal experience. In 2024, couples will continue to focus on the quality of their guests rather than the quantity. They’ll also be more selective about who they invite to their weddings, focusing on those who are close to them.

Destination Weddings

The popularity of destination weddings has increased significantly as couples look to escape their daily grind and experience something new by getting married somewhere else. Whether it’s a beach wedding in Mexico or a vineyard wedding in Napa Valley, couples are choosing locations around the world to host their nuptials because they want their wedding to be even more memorable.

Wedding trends are constantly in flux, and some new twists will likely arise in the coming years. One trend that is not going anywhere, however, is personalized weddings. Our prediction for wedding trends 2024 is that weddings will be putting an emphasis on the couple as a whole, as opposed to the individuals. Couples will want their wedding to reflect who they are, rather than just conforming to age-old traditions and customs. So, if you’re getting married in 2024, we hope these trends inspire you!

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