Monet-Inspired Enchantment at The Capen House

Welcome to The Capen House

Tucked away in the scenic enclave of Winter Park, Florida, The Capen House recently served as a canvas for a styled shoot that was nothing short of a painterly dream. We were inspired by the masterpieces of Claude Monet. We ventured to intertwine the delicate whispers of Impressionistic art with the robust charm of Florida’s own lush vistas. Our concept? A secret garden infused with all the mystique and color play that Monet himself revered.

The Venue: A Floridian Secret Garden

The Capen House is situated within the verdant Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens. The venue offers an escape into old-world allure surrounded by modern Floridian landscapes. For this styled shoot, the goal was to capture the ethereal beauty of Monet’s Giverny through the lens of Central Florida’s bountiful nature, making use of the stunning lakeside views and the historic architecture that The Capen House is renowned for.

Design Elements: Monet Comes to Life

The heart of our design was rooted in bringing an Impressionist painting to life. To achieve this, soft pastel floral arrangements were juxtaposed with vibrant greenery, creating a dynamic yet harmonious visual feast reminiscent of Monet’s garden scenes. Every detail, from the textured linens to the carefully chosen color palette of greens, blues, and pinks, was meant to evoke the sensation of walking through an Impressionist painting.

Photographic Vision: Capturing Light and Color

Emphasizing Monet’s passion for light and color, the photography aimed to capture the essence of the styled shoot through a soft, luminous approach. The natural light of the Florida sun provided a perfect backdrop. It highlighted textures and colors and casting gentle shadows that added depth and intrigue to each frame. Our photographer used a mixture of close-up shots to capture intricate details and wider shots that encapsulated the full scope of the scenic setup.

Reflections of the Day

As the day drew to a close, with the sun casting its final golden glow over The Capen House, it was a moment to reflect on the incredible journey of bringing a Monet-inspired vision to life. This enchanting styled shoot was only made possible through the collaboration, talent, and passion of a dedicated creative team. From florists who crafted blooms into art, to stylists who wove together fabric and light, every contribution was invaluable.

The photographer captured not just images, but the essence of a moment frozen in time, reflective of Monet’s own quest to capture the fleeting light. And to The Capen House, for providing the perfect canvas, rich with history and beauty, a heartfelt thank you.

Each member of the creative team brought a unique vision and skill set, coming together to create something truly special. It was a collaboration that underscored the power of unity in creativity. And the remarkable beauty that can be achieved when diverse talents converge with a shared goal.

So, to every single person involved in this wonderful project, thank you. Thank you for sharing your artistry, your dedication, and your passion. This styled shoot was a testament to the magic that happens when we come together, inspired by the past to create something anew. Here’s to more beautiful creations in the future.

The Dream Team

Photographer: Heather Serrano Photography

Planner/Designer: WCO Events

Venue: The Capen House

Video: Heather Serrano Photography/Films by Ricky

Florist: Arms of Persephone

Rentals: EventWorks

Tabletop Rentals: WCO Events

Linens: Nuage Designs

Cake Artist: Premier Wedding Cakes

Stationery: Copper Row Studios

Plan Your Dream Wedding at The Capen House

Nestled in the heart of a picturesque community, The Capen House emerges as a quintessential venue. It’s perfect for couples dreaming of a wedding that combines elegance with a touch of history. With its breathtaking views and lush, manicured gardens, it paints the perfect backdrop for the beginning of your forever. Here’s how you can plan your own dream wedding at The Capen House, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Envision Your Theme

The Capen House, with its unique blend of historical charm and modern elegance, provides a canvas that can accommodate a wide range of wedding themes. Whether you’re leaning towards a vintage affair, a classic romantic setting, or even a modern minimalist celebration, envision how your theme could come to life in its versatile spaces.

Choose the Perfect Space

 The beauty of The Capen House lies in its diversity of spaces. From the intimate foyer to the serene ambiance of its outdoor gardens, you have the luxury to choose the perfect backdrop that resonates with your style and preference. Consider the size of your guest list and how the different spaces can complement your wedding’s theme.

Customize Your Experience

At The Capen House, your wedding is not just an event; it’s an experience. Dive into the flexibility offered by the venue to customize every detail. From choosing your catering partners that align with your taste palette to selecting décor that reflects your personal style, every aspect can be personalized. The dedicated team at The Capen House is committed to transforming your vision into reality. Ensuring that your day is exactly how you’ve always imagined it.

Capture the Moments

 Your wedding day will be filled with fleeting moments of love and joy. The Capen House, with its picturesque settings, provides countless opportunities for stunning photographs. Whether it’s a kiss under the oaks or a laugh shared in the gardens, make sure to capture these moments. Consider hiring a photographer who’s familiar with the venue, ensuring that they know all the idyllic spots for your cherished memories.

Savor the Journey

 Planning a wedding can be as memorable as the day itself, especially when it’s set at a venue like The Capen House. Take time to savor each step of the journey, from the initial touring of the venue to tasting sessions for your menu. The Capen House offers not just a venue but an experience, a journey that you and your partner will reminisce about in the years to come.

Planning your dream wedding at The Capen House is more than about booking a venue. It’s about creating a day that reflects the essence of your love story. With its enchanting spaces, personalized services, and unwavering support, The Capen House stands ready to bring your dream wedding to life.

Ready to make your dream wedding a reality at The Capen House?

Contact us today to schedule a to chat with our dedicated team about how we can tailor-make your perfect day. Because at The Capen House, your dream wedding awaits.


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