A wedding ceremony at Ocean Key Resort in Key West

Ocean Key Resort: A Dreamy Key West Wedding on the Waterfront

Beneath a sky alight with the fiery hues of sunset, a couple stood, hands clasped, on the edge of forever. It was here, at the breathtaking Ocean Key Resort in Key West, Florida, that a dream wedding was brought to life, meticulously planned and orchestrated by our passionate team at WCO Events.

A Slice of Heaven

Nestled at the point where the clear blue sea kisses the vast sky, Ocean Key Resort offered the perfect backdrop for a wedding that was nothing short of magical. Envision a place where every view is a painting, every breeze carries love, and every moment is steeped in romance. This is the essence of what we created for an unforgettable day.

Crafted with Love

At Ocean Key Resort, your vows are exchanged against a backdrop that no painter could hope to replicate. The vast, undulating ocean, merging seamlessly with the infinite sky. This setting, so majestic in its natural splendor, requires little adornment, yet our team ensures that the ambiance is nothing short of breathtaking. From floral arrangements that mirror the sunset’s hues to seating that merges elegance with comfort, every element is curated to complement the beauty that surrounds us.

A Night to Remember

The celebration then unfolded on the Sunset Pier, where an electric yet intimate atmosphere awaited. The blend of laughter and music created an unforgettable symphony, enhanced by culinary masterpieces that promised a feast not only for the taste buds but for the soul.

Magic under the Stars

The night’s zenith was perhaps the dance held beneath the vast, star-adorned sky. The couple swayed as one, surrounded by love and enveloped in the glow of their new beginning.

The air was filled with the warmth of touching speeches, the joy of laughter, and the rhythm of dances that carried on into the twilight hours. It wasn’t merely a celebration of union but of a journey embarked upon together, a story of love unfolding.

An Unforgettable Beginning

As the event drew to its close, the echoes of farewells lingered. There was a collective sentiment that this was much more than a wedding. It was a chapter in an epic love story, one that will be recounted through the ages.

For those who dream of a wedding where love is the script, the setting is paradise. Every wish unfolds with elegance and poise, WCO Events is your gateway. At Ocean Key Resort, amidst the enchanting isle of Key West, we don’t merely plan weddings. We weave dreams into reality, creating moments that resonate for eternity.

The Incredible Vendor Team

Photographer: Iris Moore Photography

Planning: WCO Events

Venue: Ocean Key Resort

Florist: Milan

Rentals: Southernmost Rentals

DJ: Soundwave

Hair + Makeup: Bella Luxe


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