Destination I Do: How to Plan Your Dream Florida Destination Wedding

Key West Beach Wedding
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The palm trees are whispering your names, and the ocean waves can’t wait to serenade you. In this adventure of love, we’re by your side, capering joyfully toward your fairy tale Florida destination wedding.

Setting Sail: Choosing Your Perfect Florida Destination Wedding Location

The locations! Each one is a love letter to the Sun, brimming with unique charms! We’ll guide you through Florida’s best wedding locales. From the sun-drenched enchantment of Key West to the historic landscape of St. Augustine.

Key West: Sun-Kissed Enchantment

Key West, a dream of an island, sprinkled with sunlight and soaked in romance, calls out to lovers with a siren song of carefree enchantment. As a place of sun-drenched celebration, it’s home to picturesque beaches, with palm trees swaying gently like a choir serenading your love. Just imagine a ceremony as the setting sun paints the sky with shades of your devotion. Magic, isn’t it?

Mount Dora: Vintage Charm, Modern Love

All aboard the love train, making its way to the quaint, enchanting town of Mount Dora! This hidden gem is nestled among eons-old oaks draped in Spanish moss, radiating an undeniable antebellum allure. Imagine saying “I do” in a historic inn! Or perhaps a lakeside gazebo, with a backdrop of rolling hills and whispering winds. Mount Dora is where vintage charm dances lovingly with modern romance, creating a time-traveling celebration of your love.

St. Augustine: History Intertwined with your Happily Ever After

St. Augustine, the oldest city in the U.S., stands, draped in history, waiting to echo your love story through its cobblestone streets and grand Spanish fortresses. Yes, your unforgettable moments can stir up a delightful dance with the past, making for an unforgettable, history-infused celebration!

Clearwater Beach: Footprints in the Sand

Dip your toes into the sugary sands of Clearwater Beach, where the Gulf’s gentle whispers serenade your journey down the aisle. Imagine a sunset so radiant, it seems to celebrate your love, painting the sky with hues of passion and promise. Here, love isn’t just in the air. It’s in the warm embrace of the waves, the golden glow of the sand, and every seashell that carries your whispers of forever.

Fort Lauderdale: Venetian Charm, – Florida Style

Fort Lauderdale awaits with its enchanting waterways, where the spirit of Venice dances on Floridian shores. Exchange vows aboard a graceful yacht or under a canopy of stars beside the river. Here, your love story is accompanied by the gentle lull of the waves, under the watchful eye of swaying palms. It’s a world where romance meets adventure, creating memories as dazzling as the city’s lights reflecting on the water.

Navigating the Details: Venue, Décor and More

Isn’t it a treat when the world is your oyster and sunshine-soaked Florida is your pearl, just waiting to be discovered? Who’s in for a wild, whimsical ride? It’s not just a party, folks, but a fond memory that’ll sparkle in your hearts forever and ever!

So, let’s dive right into the deep blue ocean of venue choices, shall we? From garden gazebos sprinkled with early morning dew to imposing Floridian mansions basking in the sunset’s glow – we’ve got you covered. Are you daydreaming about beachfront vows with the rhythm of the waves serenading your love story? Or perhaps a charming vineyard with the sweet scent of grapes filling the air is more your style? From the edges of the Everglades to the magic of Miami, we’ll find the picture-perfect backdrop that shouts you! 

Next up on this thrilling roller-coaster, we have the pièce de résistance… the décor! Whatever your dream theme, whimsical, classic, or contemporary, we’ll wrap the venue up in a breathtakingly beautiful bow that reflects your unique love story. Imagine your Floridian fairytale coming alive with blush-toned peonies, golden candlelit lanterns, or whimsical boho-chic details that add that extra touch of magic to your celebration. We can almost hear the oh-so-soft flutter of fairy wings!

And of course, we can’t leave out the cherry on top of this sundae – the cake! Whether you’re partial to a towering confection of chocolate and strawberries, or a simple, elegant vanilla cake adorned with tropical fruits, we’re here to dish up a sweet ending to your perfect menu.

Gathering the Crew: Travel and Accommodation for Guests

Keep your beloved crew close, and the celebration will overflow with sparkling moments! We’ll dive into how to create smooth sailing for travel and accommodations for your guests, creating little pockets of paradise for everyone at your Florida destination wedding!

Ensuring that every beloved family member, friend and plus-one (can’t forget them!) can make their way to your special day with all the ease of a flamingo taking flight is oh-so imperative. So, let’s gather your festivity-loving flock with joyous ease. Get your guests all fired up with personalized travel itineraries – think magical maps etched with the quickest air routes to Florida’s sunny embrace, or the most scenic drives sprinkled with ocean views. Remember, it’s not just about the destination – it’s about sprinkling little moments of joy along the way! 

And then voilà – say hello to a dreamy landscape dotted with palm trees, golden beaches, and your teeming band of well-wishers. But where are they going to rest their travel-weary heads, you ask? Well, Florida’s got you covered with a fantastic confetti-burst of accommodation options! From sun-soaked villas opening onto the beach to quirky boutique hotels infused with local flavor, or luxurious resorts where your guests won’t help but feel like royalty. It’s all about creating those cozy little pockets of paradise that welcome your guests with open arms.

Treasures and Joy: Activities and Excursions in Florida

Your wedding journey is a kaleidoscope of love, laughter, and the unforgettable adventures that you and your guests will embark upon. Creating memories that are as radiant as the Florida sun. The Sunshine State is your enchanting playground, and we’re here to guide you through a treasure chest overflowing with dazzling activities and excursions. Let’s dive in!

Sunrise Serenity with Beach Yoga

As the horizon blushes with the first light of dawn, gather your cherished ones on the soft, welcoming sands for a session of beach yoga. With each stretch and breath, you’re not just embracing the day but weaving calmness and unity into your wedding celebrations. This moment of serenity amidst the excitement is a gift. It’s a peaceful reflection of your love and intentions, wrapped in the warm embrace of nature.

Sail the Seas of Love with Sunset Cruises

Set sail on a voyage painted with hues of romance, laughter, and togetherness. A sunset cruise offers not just breathtaking views but an exquisite backdrop for those magical moments that your heart will capture and cherish forever. Toast to your journey, to love that flows as endlessly as the sea, and to friendships that shine as brightly as the stars above.

Explore Uncharted Love with Tropical Garden Tours

Wander hand in hand through cascading gardens where the air is heavy with the scent of exotic flowers and the promise of forever. Florida’s lush landscapes are a lover’s paradise, a secret garden of delights waiting to be discovered. Here, amidst the whisper of leaves and the flash of colorful wings, love stories bloom like the rarest of orchids.

Savor the Flavor of Love with Culinary Tour

Delight your senses and indulge in the flavors of Florida with culinary tours that promise not just a taste of local cuisines but a feast for the soul. From fresh seafood by the ocean to sizzling delicacies in bustling markets, gather your guests for an epicurean adventure that celebrates love, culture, and the joy of shared meals.

Your Florida wedding isn’t just a day; it’s a mosaic of thrilling adventures, serene moments, and joyous gatherings. Each activity, each excursion we dream up together, is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your love story. Let’s craft a celebration that isn’t just remembered but is felt with every beat of the heart and every spark of the soul. Here’s to your love-laden, thrill-packed, utterly enchanting Florida wedding journey!

Planning your dream wedding is like putting together a beautiful puzzle. Joyfully selecting each piece, fitting them right where they belong, and watching as the final picture blooms to life. Remember, your special day is a vibrant tapestry of your love story and each thread matters. So let’s work together, laugh together, and plan an unforgettable Florida wedding that is, so very YOU!


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